Laser Treatments

As part of her committment to provide state of the art care utilizing the latest technology, Dr. Steinert has incorporated the soft tissue diode laser into her endodontic practice.  The addition of the laser has contributed to an increase in patient comfort as well as offering safe and effective treatment.  Dr. Steinert is certified by the World Clinical Laser Institute in soft tissue treatment and surgical applications. 

Procedures performed in our practice utilizing the soft tissue diode laser include:

Laser Desensitization for acute local sensitivity (in teeth that are sensitive due to gingival recession and dentin exposure but otherwise contain a vital and healthy pulp).  This procedure, which is painlessly and quickly done without anesthesia, may mitigate or postpone the need for root canal therapy.

Laser Bacterial Reduction of the periodontal sulcus or endodntically-related sinus tract as an adjunct to root canal treatment.Through the principles of temporarily decreasing the bacterial count of contaminated tissue and biostimulation, a laser procedure may aid in soft tissue healing without further medical or surgical intervention.

Laser Assisted Periodontal Therapy of a periodontal pocket or sinus tract in conjuction with endodontic therapy.

Laser Treatment of aphthous ulcers (canker sores) to increase patient comfort and speed healing,.

Laser Surgical Procedures to remove excess or unhealthy gingival tissue when needed for tooth isolation prior to endodntic treatment and/or placement of build ups. Use of the soft tissue diode laser for these procedures reduces post treatment inflammation and discomfort as compared to more tradtional methods using a scalpel or electrosurgery unit.