Meet The Staff

The doctors at New England Endodontic Solutions are incredibly proud of our long-term and supportive staff.  We work closely together to provide our patients with the best in care.

Jolene has been our office manager since 1992.  Our patients’ first interaction with Jolene is often over the phone, and she is known for her kind, caring, and efficient response to our patients’ needs and questions.  She is extremely knowledgeable in working with our patients’ insurance plans, and is completely up-to-date regarding our procedures and our patients’ clinical treatment. Jolene is the staff member who is most often present at our front desk to greet our patients with a smile and introduce them to our office.





Coleen has assisted Dr. Steinert since 1991.  Like all members of our clinical staff, Coleen is certified in dental radiology and keeps current through continuing education to achieve the highest standards of in-office safety and infection control.  She understands all details of endodontic treatment, and helps guide our patients through their therapy.  Many of our patients are somewhat concerned about treatment when they first arrive in our office.  Coleen, with her many years of experience in caring for our patients’ individual needs, quickly allays those fears.  Our patients can count on Coleen to make sure that they are comfortable.  Coleen works closely with Jolene at the desk to make sure that our patient’s experience is seamless and easy from reception through completion of endodontic care.


Laura has been a member of our staff since 1998.  One of our three dental assistants, Laura has certificates in radiology and infection control. She keeps up-to-date and informed regarding all phases of endodontic care through continuing education.  Our patients love Laura’s kind and thoughtful manner as well as her gentle voice and touch.  Laura immediately puts our patients at ease.  Laura is always willing to explain the process of root canal treatment and to answer any questions our patients might have.  Her clincal skills in chairside endodontic assisting and her understanding of how to help our patients feel comfortable are a valuable asset to our practice.





Kris brings a wealth of knowledge to our practice as well as an engaging personality. Kris started her dental career in our office in 2003, and after pursuing other interests for a few years, is back with us part time. She is always willing to help, and her winning ways enable even the most apprehensive patient to relax. As are all of our technical staff, Kristen is certified in dental radiology and is completely up to date regarding infection control and all aspects of office safety and patient care.